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Pronunciation Problem? Eleven words you’re probably saying wrong.

At a loss for words?

How to say it?

Poor President George W. Bush. No matter how he tried, he stumbled over the word “nuclear.”

Of course, he’s not alone with pronunciation problems. This Mental Floss article lists 11 words that are commonly mispronounced, from cache to comptroller. (Hint: “Cache” is correctly pronounced just like “cash,” and “comptroller” sounds like “controller.)

And I bet you didn’t know that Dr. Seuss pronounced his last name as “Zoice.”

What word has you stumped?

P.S. Have you ever misheard or mispronounced the lyrics of a favorite song? So there you are in the shower or  your car, singing your heart out, and getting it all wrong. In this article, CNN reports on Spotify‘s list of the Top 10 songs that many of us hilariously mess up. For example, Elton John does not say, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” (It’s “Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer.”)

The article didn’t mention Louie Louie, but I think it deserves an honorable mention in the “what the heck are they saying” category.

Write on!

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