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Do Kids Write Right?




Can today's kids write?

As an old fogie, I tend to believe that texts and technology are destroying the English language. I bemoan the use of “i” for “I”; I decry numerals such a 2 and 4 replacing actual words; I abhor license-plate worthy abbreviations (running “l8,” anyone?). And when did “because” change its spelling to “cuz”?

So I was surprised to learn that it turns out that the kids write alright, after all.  According to this article in the Los Angeles Times, digital natives are pretty good at writing — and technology gets some of the credit.

Citing a Pew Study titled “How Teachers Are Using Technology at Home and in Their Classrooms,” reporter I guess that they all help involve writing in my life because idk how much I’d write if I didn’t have texting and stuff.”


For those of you who learned to read and write English in the Stone Age (pre-texting), that means “I don’t know.”

But Watanabe also points out that purists, as I am wont to be, frown at the “creeping informality” that’s taken over writing thanks to abbreviated tweets and social posts, along with increased plagiarism and reduced ability to think critically, understand long or complex texts, or spell.

Where do you stand?

Write, text, and tweet on!

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When’s the last time anyone wrote you a letter?

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