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Writers, Will Robots Take Over Your Jobs?

Here's the new staff writer.

Here’s the new staff writer.

Writers, beware. As if things aren’t tough enough for journalists, now robots are threatening to take over your jobs.

Think of the advantages robots have over you and me.

Robots never suffer from writer’s block. They never stumble over punctuation or spelling. They never dangle participles, end sentences with a preposition, or confuse words like affect and effect. They never get feelings hurt by a blunt editor. (Oh, if they only had a heart!)

Of course, “the [robots’] writing is repetitive and stilted,” as this video demonstrates. But it’s often “good enough,” and publishers may not care about quality, because robots (who don’t have to pay rent or, uh, eat) never quibble over pay, or contracts, or deadlines.

This may sound like some sort of futuristic nightmare, but as this Poynter article explains, even The Washington Post seriously considered using “automated” writing to cover high-school sports.

If you write for a living, be afraid. Be very afraid. Is Costco hiring?

Write on, my fellow humanoids. While you can.

By Maryann Hammers

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