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Need content?

No, I don't really work on one of these. I just think it's a cool old machine.

No, I don’t really work on one of these.

These days, many magazines and online publishers have cut their editorial staffs to the bone.

I can help when . . .

  • You need a well-researched, meaty, timely story — in a hurry.
  • You’re on deadline with several pages to fill.
  • You need to produce a batch of advertorials for an upcoming special section, and your staff writers are maxxed out.
  • A writer turned in a piece that needs heavy editing, and you don’t have the time or patience to make the revisions.

Or perhaps you’re a writer, and you’d like to ensure your work is as good as it can be. Even the best writers can benefit from a second pair of eyes.

What I can do for you:

  • Developing ideas for features and departments
  • Writing and editing special sections/advertorials
  • Assigning stories, working with writers on revisions
  • Article writing — from short blurbs to long features
  • Top editing, line editing, copyediting
  • Proofreading, fact-checking

My credentials?

I’m an award-winning editor and widely published writer, with more than 20 years writing and editing experience, from caption writing to copyediting and content management, from feature writer to editor in chief.

I was editor in chief of Spa, winner of the Western Publication Association’s Maggie Award, and I was managing editor for Group IV Communications, a custom-publishing company that produced award-winning business magazines.

With expertise in a wide array of topics, I’ve written for Shape, Real Simple, Fitness, Town & Country, the Los Angeles Times, Sunset, Coastal Living, Weight Watchers, and dozens more consumer, trade, business, in-flight and business magazines. (See a partial list on my Newsstand page.) And I’m a regular columnist for 805 Living and  MOAA.org (Military Officers Association of America).

I’ve also written for major websites, such as Health.com, Lifescript.com, AARP.org, MSN.com, MSN Travel, CNN.com, AA.com (website of American Airlines), and HomeFurnishings.com.

You can see some of my most recently published work here, here, and here, or visit my Newsstand. For more details about my editorial background, please click here.


My standard rate for article writing is $1/word. For editing, I charge $65/hour, but that rate can vary (up or down), depending on the scope, complexity, and deadline of the article or project. Tell me more about your editorial needs — you can fill in the form on this page — and I’ll get back to you with a proposal.

“Maryann Hammers is, hands down, the best editor I’ve ever worked with. Using a magical, intuitive touch, she fine-tunes my copy into something I’d wished I’d written in the first place–but without compromising my style. She’s as detail-oriented as she is creative.” — Carole Jacobs, writer.

“Resourceful, hardworking, creative, Maryann Hammers is a writer who knows her stuff and writes about it with imagination and verve. She engages the reader from the very first sentence and is scrupulous about her facts.” — Joan Tapper, former editorial director, Islands Media

“I have worked with Maryann Hammers for more than 10 years on various print and online publications, and it’s always a pleasure. As a writer, she pitches great ideas and delivers a well-written article on time. As an editor, she knows a good story and shapes up an article to be the best it can be, without losing the writer’s voice.” — Isabelle Gullo, editor, Elite Wedding Collection

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