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  • Professionals and business owners: Win with words! My services include content writing, editing, and/or proofreading, including sales and marketing copy, brochures, blog posts, website copy , press kit materials, press releases, media pitches, and more.
  • Magazine and website editors: On deadline and in a crunch? I can help with article writing, copyediting, top editing, line editing, proofing, and fact checking. (You can see some of my most recently published work here, here, and here. Or visit my Newsstand to see more samples of my work.)
  • Job hunters: I’ll make your cover letter shine. (Wowing ’em on the interview is up to you!)
  • PR pros: You can leave the writing to me. I’ll handle the press releases, pitch letters, backgrounders, and fact sheets, so you’ll have more time to devote to your client.
  • Students: Ace that paper! Get one-on-one help with writing essays and compositions — even that personal statement on your college application.
  • Consumers: Get your way with words. I’ll help you carefully craft your important correspondence, from complaint letters to thank-you notes.
  • Writers: Polish your prose! Even the best writers could benefit from the eye of an experienced editor.

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